What I Want for Mother’s Day

Quick one today. Bon Appetit rounded up a couple Mother’s Day gift ideas from the moms on staff and I wanted to share my pick with you. (And also hope that maybe my children come upon this post??? Hint hint.) Since I always go to the farmer’s market with a crumpled Whole Foods bag or some canvas number with a radio station’s logo on it, I think it’s high time I became properly accessorized with this classic French Market Tote, don’t you? The one shown here is from White Nest, but at the moment it looks like they only have the junior totes in stock. (I guess a lot of people are on the same page.) Here’s another option from Olive & Branch that looks pretty good. What about you guys? What’s on the wish list? Besides Dinner: A Love Story? Hint hint.

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Lovely bag but I always forget mine and when I think about it I end up switching to the caddy which is easier on my shoulder, knuckle and arms. As for my wish: PEACE! Quiet time! 🙂 If not, maybe a picnic with wine at a nearby park or beach by the Ottawa river. My guy knows what I like. I’m easy to please with a French baguette, butter, good cheese, pâté, salami, prosciutto, fruits and maybe some pastry! 🙂


Just wanting to let you know that I’m buying DALS for my mum-in-law this Mother’s Day!! 🙂 I love it and I’m sure she will too 🙂 Thank you for writing it 🙂


Just ordered three of the bags from White Nest, on the power of your post! One for mom, my sis and me. Great Mother’s Day idea! Love your blog and your book!