When Was The Last Time You Felt Like This?

You are looking at the winner of DALS’s first ever summer photo contest. This shot arrived in my inbox last week with very little information, but as with all the best photographs, it didn’t need any. The sundress-clad girl’s happiness was my happiness almost instantly — calling up that feeling of leaning way too far out the car window, and sucking in the warm summer air from the back seat of my family’s pre-air-conditioning Pontiac. Only difference between this kid and my five-year-old self? She’s wearing a seatbelt (#70s).

The photo was taken by her mom, Keely Owendoff (her entire portfolio is gorgeous, so please check it out), and she wins a FREE customized album from Tweed Wolf. (Remember though: All DALS readers get $50 off a Tweed Wolf Signature Album through October 1. Use code CelebrateEverything when you check out.)

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who entered. I went through ALL of your submissions yesterday and it was just the right way to say goodbye to summer.

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