Where I Eat, Drink, and Shop in Westchester

This post has been updated! Please visit the new round-up which reflects recent closings and new discoveries.

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Holy cow! I wanna move to Westchester!! Sounds and looks AMAZING. Thanks for the fun round-up! xo


I have lived in Nashville for the last 20 years (wow! How can that be?!?!), but I will always consider NY/NJ “home.” I spent my younger years in Yonkers and my dad and his family currently live in Scarsdale. Just reading this made me feel closer to them…and hungry! I don’t get to spend nearly as much time visiting as I would like, but I’ll definitely keep this list handy for the next time I do!


I lived in Westchester until I was 10 years old. I was lucky enough to grow up in a pizza shop family, my dad owned one on Gramatan Ave in Mount Vernon. He also worked at Dunwoodies in Yonkers (?). He was a baker as well so I spent plenty of time in out out of Italian bakeries, specifically Sal & Doms in the Bronx. Your mention of Cross County mall made me small. I was so young when I lived there that I really don’t remember eating out at restaurants much, but I have plenty of great food memories. Happy to come across this post and will bookmark it for when I go back to my childhood home!


What a wonderful list (because I agree with most and look forward to trying the rest). Only disagreement is with sushi place.

Sonya Terjanian

Love this! Thank you. Would only add — best French bistro that seems too small to drop in with no reservations but actually has tons of seating upstairs – Saint George in Hastings! And we’re big fans of the bahn mi at the Bridgeview Tavern.


Have been meaning to hit the Bridgeview Tavern forEVER, Sonya. thanks for the reminder!


totally agree – stone barns is magic.
i don’t like myself for saying this but fortina isn’t super amazing. food is decent but menu is very limited. i’ve heard the bar scene is fun but haven’t experienced it (i have a newborn and a three year old . . no time for bar scenes!) definitely try zero otto nove in armonk.


AVR: I would definitely give it another shot. I finally went last night and loved it. I had no sense that the menu was limited at all — but even if you think it is, in my opinion, a limited menu is usually a good sign. I think doing a few things really well is infinitely better than offering a ton of options that are nothing special. But I really appreciate your comment, thanks so much for writing in.

Stephanie burke

This is a great list, Jenny – as a fellow westchester resident it’s great to be able to try new places that are vetted by you! A fyi – the PepsiCo sculpture garden is complete. Was just there with my husband this past weekend!


Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE this post. I believe you did one a while back. I love it because I used to live in Harrison. It was a short while, only two years, and that was -amazingly- fourteen years ago. It seems like a lifetime, and not. I moved there for work, then moved back to SF for work. While I love SF, as it is also where I’m originally from, I loved my time in NY. I have fond memories of driving to all the different towns in Westchester, into CT, and of course, taking the train into Manhattan and beyond. There are times when I miss that life, the places, the sights, and the food terribly. Those two short years have seared itself into my mind and psyche. Thank you.


Do you get back to Western Mass much? I grew up in Amherst (until I was 5) and went back to the Valley for college (Mount Holyoke). Now I live in Scotland but I do miss that area! I’d love to see a post on it if you go back!


Even though I may never get there, still enjoyed the list. Thanks!

And I may just be old, but I like scrolling down instead of clicking through slide shows.

Rosa Kim

Favorite buffalo wings: Candlelight Inn! Thank you for this list. We moved from Westchester three years ago, and I miss its bounty. The Midwestern suburbs can’t compete.


Jenny! I know you didn’t make this just for me, but this soothes so many of my leaving-Brooklyn food anxieties. Pleased to say that we’ve already enjoyed some of these during the house-hunting process (The Parlor, Taco Project, Antoinette’s). We have also become fans of the brunch at Juniper in Hastings followed by dessert at Penny Lick ice cream across the street.

Can’t wait to move up there next month and hit the others!


That’s where you’re wrong, Sarah! I DID write this in anticipation of your arrival, can’t believe you even doubt that. Will you please email me when you arrive? Can’t wait to welcome you Rivertown style. xox


Thank you for this amazing list! As a reader who lives just over the border of Westchester County but works in Purchase, I agree with @AVR, Fortina isn’t super amazing. The food is good, but the acoustics make the restaurant LOUD (at least in Rye Brook) so in my opinion, it’s not a place to go if you want to have any kind of meaningful conversation. If you are looking to take a ride, may I kindly suggest The Blazer Pub on Route 22 in Purdys for burgers? The menu is simple and they only take cash, but it is usually crowded because their burgers are delicious. My husband and daughter also love their tomato soup, into which they like to dip the huge French Fries that are always served piping hot.


As a Bronxville resident, have to say Park Place has some pretty amazing bagels. Looking forward to branching out to some of your other picks! I have been thinking of sending my kids to farm camp at Stone Barns, knowing it is DALS approved makes me want to send them even more!


Go north, young woman!
Umami-hard to describe but eclectic, pan-Asian, funky (Thursday $5 apps!)
Tagine-French-Moroccan, charming
Blue Pig ice cream-locally sourced, locally owned, natural ingredients
Make sure you visit the Croton Dam and take a walk on Croton Landing (a little hard to find–drive towards Half Moon Bay condos on the river but turn RIGHT, keep driving all the way down, past the boat club.). You will feel like you’re on vacation somewhere else…


Jenny – This list is everything! There are so many of my favorite places on here that I’m always sharing with newcomers to the area, but you’ve included so many more that I have yet to try or have never heard of! Thanks for the inside tip on Nijya and Yaranush! I’m excited to try making poke or sushi bowls at home – have you written a post about those meals yet?

And I’ve had The Inn at Pound Ridge on my list of places to try for a couple years now and it will have to move to the top for our next special occasion. Aren’t we lucky to live in a suburban area with such incredible food options?! xo, Maggie


Great post. I almost want to cry at how much more awesome your options are than ours way down in here in a small Southern town (so let’s touch base again when it’s 75 degrees here the first week of March 🙂 )


Great list! I would recommend La Tulipe (www.latulipedesserts.com) in Mount Kisco for impeccable French pastries. Try the kouign-amann, you will not regret it.

Delauné Michel

love every bit of this. fun seeing old favorites and learning about new. Thank you for your wonderfully subjective list. 🙂


Faithful blog lover and cookbook follower. Love this list. And confirmation of Bagel Power. It’s around the corner and our favorite. Agree Fortina in Rye Brook is WAY TOO LOUD. Tried to explain to the waiter but he couldn’t hear me 🙂 thanks for this list – more adventures and celebrations await!!

Beth Berlin

This list is amazing. I live in Chicago, but we visit our relatives in Rye Brook frequently, so I was delighted to know many of these myself – I can’t go out there without going to Coffee Labs at least once! I forwarded the list to my relatives who are SO excited to try some new place. Thank you!!!


I love this list! As a similarly almost-lifelong Westchesterite and former editor at Westchester Magazine, I’ve been involved in the compilation of lots of local lists and this one has so many great options! My toddler is a regular at Sal’s (and he loves the “eye pops” at Paleteria Fernandez down the street) and I just went to Muddy Water for the first time last week. Up next I’ve got to finally get over to try the Taco Project and the Parlor!


This is one of the best “where to eat” lists I’ve ever seen. I’m a huge fan of local foods and of course pizza. You’ve listed such a great variety of places. Nice to know the rainbow bagels are available. Remember the shop in NYC who used to sell them? Every place on your list looks scrumptious. Perhaps, I should make it a goal to visit all the places listed. LOL! It would be well worth the challenge. Again awesome post for us foodies!


Thanks for the tip on Nijya market. I’ll have to check it out. Usually, I stop at H-Mart for asian specialties and fresh fish. I noticed they had a section for sushi/sashimi quality fish. I have’t yet made sushi (rolls) myself because it seems like too much work to make for the whole family, but I think I will try a sushi bowl soon!
How does Nijya compare to H-Mart on Central Ave?


Hi there! Just wanted to say thank you for this list (which I just found, one year plus later). As semi-new Westchester residents (New Rochelle, moved from Brooklyn), we’ve had fewer hits than misses trying to find great places to eat up here, though we have found a few gems. So excited to try all of these spots!!


Planing on making a weekend trip up from DC to check out some of these excellent recommendations! You might not staycation, but just curious if you have a favorite place to stay to add to this list!