A DALS Honeymoon

From the Mailbox:

Hi Jenny,
I just wanted to let you know that I loved your book so much that I brought it with us on our honeymoon. (I put the DALS cookbook on my registry, hoping that someone would have the good sense to buy it for me, but when I didn’t get it at my shower, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and ordered it myself.) We rented a little house in Bar Harbor, so we had a kitchen and cooked from the book several times. The recipes that we’ve tried have all been amazing (cinnamon in the chili = life changing), but what I’ve loved the most is reading about how your family has grown and changed, and how its made me think about what my own family might look like down the road. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the good food.


PS. This photo taken on our first morning in Maine, just as we were about to sit down and enjoy our (snickerdoodle) wedding cake for breakfast. (Seriously, who wants to wait a year to eat cake that good? Not me.) You can see the DALS book hanging out on the table.

Thanks, Jen!  And lucky lucky us: Jen has been nice enough to post the Snickerdoodle wedding cake recipe on her website.

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Sarah T

Thank you to Jen and Jenny for sharing this. I was looking for a non-chocolate cake for my toddler’s birthday (she loves chocolate, I love chocolate, her dad loves chocolate – one of her aunts and her grandma abhor it – I don’t understand at all). So, rather than the lovely fresh flowers, her’s will be topped with a purple owl – maybe with some marigolds?

Also, should I be lucky enough to win a Barilla Pasta Pack, we’ll celebrate with “dogfood” (my husband named the dish). It’s adapted from a Giada recipe – cook one box pasta according to directions and drain. Brown one pound pork sausage, add in one package (or more) sliced, fresh mushrooms and cook through. Then add in 1/2 – full bag of frozen peas (bonus points if they’re thawed a bit). Heat through, then mix in the pasta and top with parmesan. I haven’t found a pasta shape this doesn’t work with and it is one of my back-pocket dinners. Especially when I have pork sausage from my dad’s happy pigs.


What a great idea for a wedding cake – Snickerdoodle!

I would love to win the Barilla Pasta Pack, we eat pasta at least 3 or 4 times a week – what can I say – it is our “go to” meal with whatever vegetables are in season or whatever protein we have on hand. I would probably celebrate the win, though, with my recent favorite – it is also a Giada recipe (Giada must be on to something with her easy yet delicious pasta recipes) and it is Conchiglie with Mussels, Clams and Broccoli and it is way easy and delicious beyond belief. And you must have crusty bread on hand to sop up the pan sauce for sure. Thanks!

A Cuban In London

What a great blog! I came via Elizabeth (a Moon, Worn As If It Had Been a Shell) and I will pop back regularly for sure.

Yummy recipes you have here.

Greetings from London.