Can I Ask You a Few Questions?

Here’s something hard to wrap my head around — this little entry you are reading marks Dinner: A Love Story’s 600th (!) post. I know! Hard to believe –seems like only yesterday we were turning 500. We plan on celebrating with a big ol’ pot of Grandma Turano’s meatballs and hope you’ll do the same from your own dinner table — wherever that dinner table happens to be.

So, you wonder, what would I like for my 600th birthday? That’s easy. I’m no dummy — I could never have made it this far without my smart, thoughtful, dedicated readers — so I’d love to get a little feedback from you. If you are so inclined, fill out this two-minute questionnaire to help make Dinner: A Love Story better, stronger, more book-centric, beef-centric, baby-centric, whatever-centric! The point is: I want to hear from you. There are only a dozen multiple-choice questions which I promise are completely painless. And here’s something cool: Even though it’s my birthday, YOU get the gifts. By participating in the questionnaire, you become automatically eligible to win either a Komachi chef’s knife, a copy of Dinner: A Love Story, or a four-pack of the official DALS “Make Dinner Not War” bumper sticker. (Three winners, who must live in the 48 contiguous states, will be selected and can choose whichever prize they’d like.) Deadline for entry: Sunday, May 12.

You’d like that link again, you say? Sure! Here you go. And thanks from the whole DALS team.

 PS: Questionnaire or not, remember you can always just purchase a bumper sticker here.

Update: Keely, Chelsey, and Erin are the winners, but you can still fill out the survey if the spirit moves you. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Pia Bineau

Survey done and done! Congrats on all that you’ve accomplished with your book and here on the blog. Love, love, love it… keep it coming!

Fingers crossed for the book. I’ve been dying to read it 🙂


I’ve never commented before and I love your blog so forgive me for my first comment being a little negative.

It’s a bit insulting to the stay at home Moms that the only employment option they have on the survey is “Unemployed and not looking for work.” I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it but I had to point it out. I’m a freelance musician so I fall into the Part-time work outside the home category, I guess, but I mostly consider myself a SAHM.

Again, sorry to be persnickety. Love the blog, love the book. love the recipes.


Yes, @beth, that is worded a little oddly. Obviously, didn’t mean to offend anyone. Just trying to ask the employment question as technically as possible, but I tweaked with your comment in mind.
@emily: Thank you!!!!


Congrats on the BIG 6-0-0! We’ll be sure to toast DALS over a G-n-T this evening! 🙂


Awesome! “Unemployed not looking for work” made me think of The Dude from the Big Lebowski. 🙂


I filled it out and then submitted and then thought – easy lunches would be an AWESOME thing to address. Particularly if they can be eaten with one hand while an infant screams at you and then falls asleep in your lap 😉


Jenny, it’s wonderful that you think so highly of your readers to ask for their advice. It’s a great compliment! My only suggestion in terms of your questionnaire’s family composition question is accounting for shared custody – we have the kids 40% of the time and are otherwise cooking for two. I expect some other readers are in the same boat… Showing the weeknight/weekend version of recipes has been a great idea. Perhaps there’s a similar opportunity to show the family size/couple size version of recipes as well?


Thank you for soliciting our feedback! Love DALS as is but am also curious (and excited) see see/hear about DALS 2.0. Good luck!


Congratulations!!! I absolutely LOVE your blog, book and awesome book suggestions! It has also been so nice to know that I’m not alone in the early rising kiddo department. After almost 3 and a half years, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I might actually get to sleep past 6 am within the next year!


Jenny, I love your blog, but I forgot one thing I wanted to include on the survey. When I click on one of the “categories” on the right, I would love to go to a page listing links to all the recipes. Rather than having to scroll through every “Chicken and Turkey” post to find what I’m looking for, it would be nice to be able to see all of the post titles at once, and then choose the full post from there. Does that make sense? I’m thinking of something similar to how Smitten Kitchen does it. I know the survey was more about content, but this change would make it a lot easier for readers to browse the archives, in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your recipes and ideas!


Well, that’s embarrassing. For anyone else clueless like me, the Recipe Index is at the very top of the page.

Thanks Jenny!


I filled out your survey and then thought of one more thing… I use Paprika (an iOS app) to collect recipes. It can automatically download recipes if they’re in the “hrecipe” or “micro data” formats. I don’t know how much work it’d be for you, but it’d save *me* a lot of time. (Of course, your recipes save me so much time in the first place…)