DALS Giveaway (+ Some News)

A friend of mine said she saw one of my “Make Dinner Not War” bumper stickers on a car in Brooklyn last week. I can’t tell you how happy this made me. I’ve sent out hundreds of them — as far away as Vancouver, and as close as up the block — and sometimes at night I lie there imagining the constellation of those DALS readers spreading the word about family dinner on highways and byways. In Shawnee Kansas, in Louisville Kentucky. In Portland, Maine, Boca Raton, Chicago, Beverly Hills and all over San Francisco. (Thank you San Francisco!)

So my request is simple: I don’t want to have to imagine anymore. I want to see the stickers in action. Please send in photos of your bumper sticker (and you and your kids!) wherever it happens to be affixed. (One of you mentioned in an email to me that it’s on your office bulletin board? Love that!)  The one who sends in my favorite photo wins my Time for Dinner cookbook when it comes out in September. (Or another cookbook TBD if you’ve already pre-ordered, which, ahem, I’m sure you have.) By “favorite,” I mean…hmm, not really sure. I have a feeling I’ll know it when I see it. Consider this contest ongoing. Send me pix directly: Jenny AT dinneralovestory.com.

For those of you who missed the giveaway*, you still have a chance. Register today and you’ll be eligible for free bumper stickers, cookbooks, and more.

One more thing…

Thanks to all of you who have been begging me to convert my recipes to printer-friendly versions. I just wanted to let you know that this is officially in the works and something should be ready to go by the end of the next week. If you have any other suggestions (or complaints) always always tell me. Recipes too casually written? Are they too complicated? Too ambitious? Want more vegetarian dishes? More fish? More quick? More product recs? More picky eating strategies? More ideas for babies? You can either email me directly or write something in any comment field. I read all the comments — in fact I now get a Pavlovian endorphin rush as soon as I hear a WordPress comment “ping” on my iPhone — and even when I don’t respond, please know that I am listening.

Have a great weekend!
Love, Jenny

*If you registered on or before June 26, you will receive a free bumper sticker. Due to the overwhelming response (thank you!) it may take a few weeks to get the envelopes licked and mailed.

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Ok, I signed up! I think I’ve got a good idea of where this sticker is going to go! And take a photo of it… I think we can swing that too. What a fun contest.

Please keep your recipes written exactly the way you have them. The conversational tone of your writing is what keeps me combing through your archives for more recipes. Change? I fear change… kind of.


Yay, I can’t wait to get one of these!

Kalyn’s Kitchen has a great set-up for printing recipes–check it out if you haven’t already, it is a lifesaver for those of us who use the web as a cookbook.

(As a sidenote, I’m guessing I am your Boca Raton reader, but I used to live in Shawnee, KS. Yay midwesterners!)


What a fun idea! I hope I can do it when we get back from vacation….
And I am so glad you are doing a printer friendly version of the recipe.
Tina (from Shawnee, KS….I am wondering now if there are any others from Shawnee Ks. LOL)


I’m over in Oregon and just signed up the second I get my bumper sticker I’m all over this giveaway! 🙂

I’m a *FREAK* for cookbooks and am so excited for your book to come out.

Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Trish O

Hello. I live in Peoria IL and have my sticker on my car…but I also use to live in Shawnee, KS. It is a small world. I also love the way your recipes are writen. This blog has helped me really start cooking at home (I was not big on trying new things before) is I dont know if it is the way you write or just my time to branch out (both I think) but it has been so good for me and my family. Thanks!


Oh, I am so torn! I now feel the great need to slap my bumper sticker on my car…but I can hear my mother in my head telling me how trashy bumper stickers are, lol.


Just signed up with DALS, hope you still have the MDNW bumper stickers – I love it! Also wanted to thank you for giving us full-time working moms the inspiration to strive for homemade family meals as often as possible, but the OK to toss some broccoli with mac ‘n cheese and call it a meal on the (many) nights we can’t.


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