Dollhouse Galette

These are the kinds of ideas that I really think twice about posting for all the world to see. Because pretty much nothing good can come of telling the world at large that I have home-baked an apple galette for my daughter’s doll. (Meet Esme, the luckiest Plan toy in the world!) I will say, however, that it is not as bad as it sounds — I was making a life-size galette as well and, as it happened, Abby hopped up on the counter to eat the sugar covered apples. (“Cooks privilege!” she is fond of saying, even when she is not the cook.) When I started rolling out the crust, there just so happened to be the perfect little bite-size scrap sticking out of the dough like Spain from Europe. What choice did we have but to lop that part off, mince a couple apples and make a mini pie? It was Abby who suggested serving it on Esme’s dining set — the latest acquisition in her diy dollhouse. Go ahead and call me crazy — my husband has already beaten you to it — all I can say is that for about 5 minutes (which is about how long the baby galette lasted before Abby gobbled it in one bite) I felt like mother of the year.

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Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

Are you kidding? MUCH good comes from telling us about your dolly sized galette! This tells us several things —

1) you are AWESOME.

2) Dollies deserve their treats too.

3) And that it’s time for us all to go forth and make some galettes, because galettes = simple version of pie, and any time is a good time for pie!

See? I loved this so much!!!


ha ha ha ha – i just can’t stop laughing. we have the exact same set and now i feel compelled to get baking. apparently, i have been depriving my daughter’s doll family of some good home cooking!

you are mama of the year and the evidence is here for all to see 🙂 congrats!


I love Dollhouses especially diy/homemade ones!! And this just takes it to a whole new level!! Cuteness!! You are “Mother of the Year”!
– Kate


I think this is fantastic. I felt like a rock star for telling my daughter to use Cheerios as donuts for her dollhouse, but this knocks it out of the park for creativity. Love it!


How long does the mini galette bake for? a much shorter time than the human-sized one? do you just keep your eye on it?

(you like how my tone is all, “of course Esme deserves scratch-baking”? like there is nothing at all wrong with this? because there isn’t.)


As someone who has also been called upon to bake for dolls and went so far as to make matching quilts for her daughter and her doll…I heartily approve the dollhouse galette!


654 – no direction for you there. I just eyeballed it. It did not take long, I will tell you that. My only regret at this point is not topping it with whipped cream.


Every little bit helps towards that ever elusive “Mom of the Year” award. I’m still waiting for the Academy to recognize my performance…


My son Elliot was home for two nihgts and this galette made our dinner special. I’m a pretty good cook but pie crust challenged. After seeing Pam whip this up in 47 seconds I knew I could do it too. Made it with almond extract and 2 fresh apples thinly slice in the food processor. Sprinkled the final edition with cinnamon and sugar and served it with a small scoop of carmel ice cream and and one of vanilla. I am now a baker. I bake! I am no longer limited to apple crisp on a weeknight. I might even go out on a limb and use a homemade crust since I don’t have to get it perfectly into a pie plate with a crimped top.