Special Food Gifts for Mother’s Day

So this is fun: I’ve teamed up with Mouth (the Brooklyn-based website that sells indie, artisanal, small-batch, boutiquey, all-around-supercool food and booze) to create a dream bag of Mother’s Day treats. Those of you who know me won’t be surprised to find a sweet-n-smoky mole, some rich man’s Nutella, a cold-brew coffee kit invented by one of Andy’s old GQ coworkers, and — lest you forget that Dark & Stormy season is upon us — a good rum from Berkshire Mountain Distillers. Also in the mix: Signed, small-batch copies of Dinner: A Love Story. Pick one pick two, pick a dozen, but pick something! With the code DALS15 you get 15% off anything on the site. (Plus: Every order receives a free cotton tote and extra goodies.) Happy Mothers Day!

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My mom could use some of these things in her kitchen. She loves cooking and lately I convinced her to try new products she could use in her dishes. I’m thinking to get here some artisinal food products, I hope she’d love it.