Friday Eating and Reading

What I’m reading and eating (and buying and listening to) this week:

Little Green Notebook‘s Jenny Komenda has opened the coolest print shop. All of her 50 original prints cost only $15 to download to whatever size you like. More details here and PS: How sweet would the Fruits print above look in your kitchen?

How to Host an Unforgettable Party

For the pre-school and kindergarten set: The adorable Life on Mars, by Jon Agee (via @playagainreads)

As long as you’re there, might as well pre-order Michael Ruhlman’s Grocery.

Exciting news for Jason Isbell fans.

Ben & Birdy’s Catherine Newman, author of Catastrophic Happiness, and all-around great American, wrote a YA novel.

Thirteen Recipes for Your Passover Table (Related: Remember this goals Matzo Lasagna?)

(Don’t tell my kids I used the word “goals.”)

Meet Julia, Sesame Street‘s newest muppet, who has autism. (via Cup of Jo)

Broccoli Balls for Babies. (“Neither of my kids are the kind who go for the crudite platter, so I have to get creative with vegetables.”)

On next week’s dinner line-up.

This was a fun tourist-in-my-own-town itinerary: A visit to this temporary Wall Street installation + a walk through Calatrava’s spectacular Oculus + Hudson Eats for lunch. (I went with the poke bowl at Blue Ribbon; Abby went with an Umami Burger; Phoebe & Andy went with a Cuban from Little Muenster)

{Related: The Rule of Three.}

Bookmarked: The Definitive Restaurant Guide to the South

The Extraordinary Life and Times of a Strawberry.

Ever want to be a fly on the wall at one of Gwyneth’s Goop meetings?

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but if you’re not subscribing to Sam Sifton’s New York Times Cooking newsletter, please rectify. Trust me, it will pretty soon be the highlight of your day.

Have a great weekend.

Photo: Little Green Notebook


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Hi Jenny – this is so awesome – thanks so much for sharing!! I especially like the rule of threes for vacation, which I’m going to put to use, ASAP. (One head’s up: it looks like the strawberry link is redirecting back to the same party link from higher up the post?)


thank you for these, always love to look at reading suggestions and didn’t know, for instance, that Michael R, had a book coming out