From the Mailbox

From Whitney Brown:

Your book has accomplished the task of making me want to be a better mom while simultaneously making me realize I’m not doing such a bad job anyway. Thank you for the self esteem boost and for lighting a fire to keep me improving. The book and blog are perfect.

From Kim Rogers:

Thanks for writing such a wonderful book and sharing it with all your readers.  [Above] is a photo of my daughter Meggie that I would like to share with you.  Wanted you to know that your book is a hit among all ages.  She has decided to make 1 of your recipes each week and your book is her go to book. Thanks for being an inspiration to many!

From Noellen P:

I’ve never emailed a blog writer (sorry BOOK writer) but I recently *finished Dinner: A Love Story and wanted to thank you.  This is the first cookbook I’ve ever READ and not just skimmed through to look at the recipes.  I’ve been a blog reader since 2010 when I first had my son, and even then your writing and recipes spoke to me.  You truly have one of the nicest, most honest voices out there.  Not just when it comes to cooking, but also as it relates to parenting, relationships, working wife/mother, friend, neighbor, etc. I hope one day I can command my kitchen with the same ease, flair and heart as you do.

Thanks to everyone for all the thoughtful feedback. Keep it coming!

PS: Monday is the deadline for the Mega GiveawayTell me your favorite part of my book (not on the comment field of this post, but through the official contest survey) and be eligible to win some pretty awesome prizes.

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I love the book more than I could say. And I REALLY LOVE the pork shoulder ragu! Served to friends this past weekend after they’d been driving for 7 hours & they were thrilled! Thank you!!!