Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Official First Weekend of Grilling! I’m not sure what will be in the center of the plate yet, but whatever it is, it’ll be surrounded by as many fresh green salads as I can fit. Herewith, a few protein options:

Spicy Pork Tacos This one calls for peach salsa, but you can just as easily do pineapple. Brush the pineapple with a little oil and grill before tossing with the rest of the salsa ingredients.

Grilled Tuna Sandwiches with Spicy Mayo and Salsa Fresca If you can get your hands on good tuna, this is my pick. With or without bread.

Lamb burgers, Crunchy Burgers, Bacon Burgers, You-name-it Burgers — whatever burger you crave, Bon Appetit‘s got you covered.

Except my favorite Hatch Burger. That one you can find right here.

Grilled Steak with Herby Green Sauce It’s really salsa verde, but I feel like i’m over-doing the salsa here.

Yogurt-Marinated Shrimp or Chicken Choose Your Own Adventure.

Salmon Salad from Dinner: A Love Story

Grilled Leg of Lamb if you’re feeling indulgent.

For dessert, I’m thinking Angel Food Cake, topped with fresh whipped cream and a saucy version of this strawberry jam.

What are you guys making? Feel free to share.

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I am making grilled swordfish with your paprika butter from the book right now. Serving with some gigantic grilled shiitake mushrooms, cumin roasted potatoes and a kale salad with a glass of rioja. Farm-fresh strawberries for dessert. Here’s to a holiday weekend of good eats!


My husband and I are doing smash-style burgers (like Shake Shack), a chopped salad with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing, and strawberry rhubarb galette. And then all of the margaritas. ALL of them.


i made ribs….baby back pork ribs with a sauce of dijon, brown sugar, soy and bourbon! my MIL declared them the best ribs she’d eaten in her life, which is saying something because she is 88!! served them with coleslaw and roasted potatoes (too early for corn on the cob). cheers!

Charlie Cook

Great ideas! Thanks for providing some motivation to spice things up. My go-to is brining chicken in water and salt and grilling that up to serve over a salad – simple and healthy. But it can get old! The yogurt marinated chicken and spicy pork tacos sounds great! We’ll have to try them soon 🙂 – Charlie, http://www.lemonbutterlove.com

A Life From Scratch

We had angel food cake as well with homemade strawberry sauce and it was divine! I love a dessert that is so light it doesn’t feel bad to have that second piece 😉


All these recipes sound amazing! I definitely like the idea of grilling lamb right now. Maybe I’m in a tad bit of an indulgent mood but grilled lamb sounds delicious. Actually, all those recipes sounded delicious! I’m a lover of salsa so all those spicy recipes sounded so good to me!


I just checked out your spicy pork taco recipe and it looks so good! And just the right season for fresh peaches!

Chris (Poormet)

Thanks for the links! (especially the hatch burger)

This is the year that I really buckle down and master the grill. Over the summer I seem to get in a groove and right when I’m starting to feel comfortable with my heat and timing, winter kicks in and sidelines me for 3 months (it’s tough to find the motivation to clear the snow off the grill just to stand out in the cold and cook).