Please Come!

New Yorkers: Is one of this year’s resolutions “Cook More for Family?” I can help with that. Please come to a talk I’m giving this Tuesday, January 7 (12:00) at Asphalt Green in Battery Park City. It’s called Eight Steps to Better Family Dinners, and I’ll be discussing strategies, recipes, kitchen tricks and all that fun stuff I wrote about it my book, but really it’s just an excuse to meet you all.  Hope to see you there.

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Mandy~ KitchenJoy

Oh how I desperately wish I could attend! Living in Michigan makes it difficult, sadly. Hopefully you’ll be in the Midwest someday and I can make the trip! I hope you have a great turnout, and a lovely time meeting your followers/fans.


Aww, if I didn’t have to work I would be so there! I got your book for Christmas and it’s great! Perfect combination of entertaining read and useful tips and recipes.


Wish I could be there! Love my second copy of your book(the first well worn copy is living in Austin Texas with my daughter, her husband and 2 kids under 3.


If you’re ever in Chicago, I’m all over it. My boyfriend’s mother just got me your book for Christmas!!


Come to Washington, DC! I gave 5 copies of your book to friends and family this holiday season. They were all very well-received!