Spring Holiday Round-Up

In season: Peas, Ramps, Asparagus and…Peeps! No shortage of ways to use ’em up on the Interweb: Peep S’mores, Peep Sunflower Cake, Peep-Wreaths, Peep-infused Vodka. (Yes, it exists, but some things are just too weird to link to.)

Easter Main Option 1: Andy’s super-easy Apricot-glazed Ham (and my super-easy day-after-ham split pea soup)

Easter Main Option 2: Slow-cooked Lamb with Lemon and Oregano

Francois Payard’s Chocolate-Walnut Flourless Cookies (Thanks Jodi!)

Kosher for Passover: Cult Foods

If there was a single dish that could capture my religious background, it would probably be Bacon Matzoh-Brei.

Next week’s vacation reading: Delancey and Creativity Inc

Next week’s vacation eating: Two Boroughs Larder (if I can get a table!)

Vegetarian Cookbooks for Carnivores (ok fine, not holiday, per se, but spring…vegetables…close enough)

My sister’s go-to brisket

My mom’s go-to brisket

My go-to strawberry shortcake

Got some long school-less days ahead of you next week? This should help occupy the kids.

Turn those leftover Easter Eggs into Dinner.

Whatever feast you are cooking next week, wouldn’t you look great wearing this around the kitchen?

Have a great holiday!

Peeps photo: eac5 on flickr

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Hey, I’ll be in Charleston for the week, too! Folly Beach. Hoping to try out Rutledge Cab Co. (Southern Living pick). Have fun!


I just wanted to let you know that I finished your book last night after my sister’s friend told me she had read it cover to cover in one sitting. Thank you for writing the book I needed but didn’t know I needed if that makes any sense and also thank you in advance for that pork ragu which I will be making pronto. 🙂


I think you just gave me my brisket recipe for this Passover. I’ll let you know which (mom’s or sis’s) I choose. Also definitely making the Payard cookies. Happy spring hols!


Two Boroughs Larder caught my eye on your list. I’m a NJ transplant to Charleston, been here 1yr+ now. My can’t misses: Butcher&Bee, Brown’s Court Bakery, Savannah Bee Honey Company- all downtown. If you make it out of downtown and up to North Charleston try: Orange Spot Cafe, EVO Pizza and Mixson Market/Basico.


TBL doesn’t take reservations 😉 but if you make it there you must eat a slice of oatmeal / brown sugar pie.

But while you’re in town you should DEFINITELY hit up this new spot called Hardee’s, super avant garde, lotta foam, 25-course tasting menu, etc.

My top 5: Butcher & Bee, Dell’z Uptown, Xiao Bao Biscuit, The Grocery, Caviar & Bananas

+1 to Mixson Market and Brown’s Court too. Collective Coffee Co also deserves an honorable mention for off-peninsula breakfast, lunch, & coffee.


Congratulations on you Saveur Food Blog Award!

I would to personally invite you to share your gorgeous food photos with us over at Food Foto Gallery . com – In March alone, we had 26,382 visitors to the site & there’s no complicated approval process like the big guys. Any photos related to food (that are not watermarked) are accepted & get posted automatically. Being a food blogger, myself, we also share our daily faves on social media, giving exposure to fellow foodies whenever we can.

Let me know if you have any questions and hope to see you at the site 🙂