A Nice Problem

I live in the suburbs — land of the two-car garage, of strip malls, and of people walking around saying things like “Here take this bushel of cucumbers! They are overtaking my backyard and I don’t know what to do with them!” (This kind of complaint, of course, is filed right alongside the one about that Spicy Shrimp dish that comes together so fast that I don’t have time to enjoy a glass of wine while I make it, i.e. a very nice problem.) Well, here’s what I say to that. You could peel and slice up those cucumbers real thin, mix them with seasoned rice wine vinegar, a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and tons of dill, which we’ve been doing a lot of lately. Or you could puree those suckers in a blender, strain the pulp and drink up the bounty. Cucumber juice is August-y and crazy refreshing on its own, but this cocktail, created for DALS by the Blue Hill Stone Barns Beverage Team (I’m so glad they don’t call themselves “mixologists”) is currently my favorite solution to the cucumber overload issue. It’s light, summery, easy going down (uh, maybe a little too easy)…and would you look at that beautiful color? That in itself is worth the price of admission. Problem solved.

Cucalyptus Punch
Makes one drink.

2 ounces dry gin (we use Greylock)
2 ounces cucumber juice (made my blending peeled, seeded cucumbers with a little water, then strained; it works out to about 1 medium size cucumber per cocktail)
1/2 ounces eucalyptus ginger syrup (I just made plain ginger syrup which they said was fine)
1/2 0unces lime juice

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Shake, and serve over ice with a thin slice of cucumber as a garnish.

Thanks BHSB Beverage Team!

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So, that sounds like the best thing ever. I have been making my fair share of gin based cocktails lately. I have done… jalapeno lime, grapefruit rosemary and cherry thyme. I am VERY excited to try this cocktail. Tonight. While catching up on my DVR.


Yum! Last weekend I had a gin/cucumber cocktail (who knew this was a thing? but I like it!) that was out of this world: gin, fresh lemonade, a little simple syrup, muddled English cukes – shake in cocktail shaker and serve with a slice of cucumber. So yummy and refreshing – and now I have another one to try!


Going to try this. We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our cucumber surplus. I think this one might be better received than my zucchini brownies!


Hi Jenny,

Do you think I can make the cucumber juice ahead of time? I am going on a vacation road trip, the resort has a small kitchenette…would love to premake the cucumber juice and ginger syrup. It should keep for a couple of days, right? Please say yes!



Wow. This drink is beautiful. Gin and cucumbers were totally made for each other. It’s like the PB & J for adults. I would totally add some cilantro to this as well 🙂


My comment has nothing to do with this drink but instead I need to proclaim my love of the tomato sandwich. I went to the farm this week and got some beautiful tomatoes and some airy “Tuscan” bread (not like the bread we found in Tuscany but that’s beside the point). I have been eating them all week & telling my husband how delicious they were. Finally today he said “I’ll try one of those tomato sandwiches you’ve been talking about”. Sure enough, after one, he said “if there are any more tomatoes I’ll have another” and after he took his last tasty bite said “thanks, that was good. It lived up to your hype”


We made this cocktail tonight and while I wasn’t surprised that we loved them (I could feel the refreshing coolness of this drink going all the way down) I was surprised that my 7 year old son, watching us, requested a virgin cucumber drink and then another with his dinner.


Yum! As you probably already know, Hendrick’s gin has cucumber notes in it so it would be delicious in this too! Also, what glasses are these??