A Week of Healthy Meals (with shopping list)

Like most of you, we eat like humans in our house. Which is to say, for stretches of days we’re all homemade whole grain salads, lean-meat mains, and practically swimming in our leafy greens. And then, just as predictably, there are the stretches when, you know, life takes over, when it’s just easier to throw something — anything — from the freezer into a 425°F oven; when there are meatball sliders and fudgey birthday cakes, snow days that turn into baking-paloozas, and Abby’s soccer tournaments that have me driving right by the original Nathan’s Famous in Brooklyn…so what am I not going to have hot dogs and crinkle cut fries served with the cute little red fork? I’ve learned not to beat myself up for this given that redemption is so easy to come by, namely with a healthy dinner battle plan always waiting in the wings.  It’s a line-up of easy meals that, for the most part, the whole family likes, that I can always fall back on to right the ship and the link to one of them is below. It is not a diet plan. It’s a real life dinner plan for real life humans. I hope you enjoy it.

And as long as we are talking clean eating, I want to make sure you know about DALS’s awesome new partner Thrive Market. They’re an online grocer committed to making healthy ingredients affordable and accessible. Their website offers all the natural products and non-GMO foods you love (think Bob’s, Annie’s, Earth’s Best, Seventh Generation, tons of Paleo-friendly and gluten-free superstars) for 25-50% less (!!!) than what you’ll find in traditional retail stores—all delivered straight to your door. (With free shipping on every order over $49) Plus! Plus! Plus…This very special offer for Dinner: A Love Story readers: Sign up for FREE and save an extra 25% off your first order plus free shipping. Thank you Thrive! And thank you DALS readers for supporting them!

Please click here to download your DALS baby e-book, A Week of Healthy Dinners.

 P.S. Baby e-book has been designed by the gifted and talented Christy Sheppard Knell. Thank you Christy!

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Wendy R.

I love how relatable your posts always are. I’m a say-at-home mom of a two-year old and 6-month old. Some days I do a great job of being sure everyone (well, everyone with teeth) eats kale and black beans and fresh fruit. Some days, I’m glad if my toddler slows down enough to eat popcorn, and Mom and Dad scarf In-n-Out at 9PM. I try to focus on “wholesome” more than “healthy”, most of our meals cooked at home, something green at dinner whenever possible, and always dessert for Mom. 😉


Thanks for the weekly menu The salmon looks great. But I have to say I just compared the prices on Thrive with a bunch of the same products on amazon, and they are, virtually without exception, higher on thrive.


How did you know we just returned from a trip to Chicago in which all activities were planned around the next meal? Please please include more of these posts. The key here for me is the shopping list. Kitchen’s empty and I’m just going to print your list and go. PS, the direct marketing yawnfest in Des Moines, IA you mentioned in your first book? I worked for the company that hosted it and was likely there (also bored to tears).

But I digress. More weekly meal plans with shopping lists, please. I have purchased all of your books (really)…does that help?!


This is awesome. Perfect for getting the household back on track after a week of business travel. (I.e. Meals out for me; meals ordered in at home.) Thank you.


I made the broccoli and butternut squash pizza. It was delicious, aside from the fact that the crust stuck to the sheet pan like cement (this has happened before with salad pizza recipe and others). I was generous with oiling the pan prior to stretching out the dough to the corners. Any ideas would be appreciated, as I love thin crust!


This was my dinner plan this week and it was a lifesaver. After a busy weekend it was nice to just print out a grocery list and head to the store. The favorite of the week was the coconut rice bowl, but they were all delicious. Thank you!


Thank you for the PDF printable!! Made the coconut rice bowls with bacon bits and fried tofu as additional toppings. Everything was gone! Amazing!! Next time we’ll make them with fried eggs on top. Yum! And salmon was delicious, though I adjusted recipe for my family. Have you tried Go-Chu–Jang sauce by BBGo (sold in Target, maybe other places as well)? It was amazing condiment for these dishes.

Sarah Yee

Seriously!! Your week of healthy meals with the shopping list has changed my whole life and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you published more of these! I would even pay a small fee 🙂 My husband and I just recently went back to work after having time off with our 4 month old baby girl and juggling what to make for dinner and how much and what to buy at the store along with spending as much time in the evening with our little one gets to be a lot. Plus new mama is trying to lose a little weight! This has simplified my life in ways that I want you to know mean the world to me. The shopping list was easy and the recipes are simple and so delish!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


Brilliant. Easy, nutritious, adaptable and love that some of the leftovers can carry forward (leftover salmon into the rice bowl, leftover rice with the peanut chicken, etc). Thanks for making my life just a little bit easier come next week. 🙂


Thank you! Thank you! The weekly meal plan with shopping list is fantastic! Would love if you provided a few more weeks of these great recipes and lists! I am homeschooling mom and to have your healthy recipes all organized and ready to go is a lifesaver! I have actually tried many many of these weekly recipe plans but yours is by far the most realistic for families! Modern food without the fuss and healthy to boot! Let me know if more are available for purchase. Thank you!