About Jenny

About Jenny

Jenny Rosenstrach is the creator of Dinner: A Love Story, the award-winning website and newsletter devoted to family dinner, and the New York Times Bestselling author of Dinner: A Love Story (Ecco), Dinner: The Playbook (Ballantine), How to Celebrate Everything (Ballantine), and, most recently, The Weekday Vegetarians (Clarkson Potter). She is a contributor at lifestyle website Cup of Jo, and her essays, articles, and recipes have appeared in The New York Times, Food52, The Kitchn, Cookie, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, the op-ed page of The New York Times, and Bon Appétit, where she was a columnist for six years. She has appeared on NPR’s Weekend Edition and NBC’s Today, and Food Network’s The Kitchen. She and her husband, Andy Ward live with their two daughters in Westchester County, New York.

About The Blog

Mission: Family Dinner.

PRESS & Stuff

Here’s a Q&A I did with Martha Stewart.

Here I am talking about my books on NPR’s Weekend Edition.

Here I am pretending not to be nervous on NBC’s Today Show.

Here is my I-can-retire-happy moment: “The New Domestic Ideal” in New York. (Blink and you might miss it.)

A fun interview on Cup of Jo as part of her “My Balance” series.

And in The Wall Street Journal‘s “The Juggle”

Here’s a book review of Dinner: A Love Story on Salon that a) brought me to tears and b) I sent to my mom within minutes of finishing.

Here’s another on Food52 that includes the immortal phrase ““[Rosenstrach’s] book and blog are something very rare in the genre of family dinner: They inspire neither homicidal nor suicidal impulses.”

Here’s a story I wrote for Real Simple that I find myself sending to a lot of middle school parents.

Here is the food column I write for Cup of Jo.

Here’s “The Providers,” a column I co-wrote six times a year for Bon Appetit with Andy.

Here I am on instagram.

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Scott Anderson

Heading to Spain in June with my daughter and intend to practice “the no restaurant vacation.” Thanks!

Angelica De Las Salas

My name is Angelica and I’m at Mode Media. As a mother always looking for dinner ideas, I’m a big fan of your site and recipes. Mode is always looking to work with great content creators to bring them monetization opportunities. I’d love to connect to discuss all the programs and ad products we offer that wouldn’t be intrusive to your site and take away from the look and feel – namely our native unit which pays higher CPMs than standard banners. Plus, we have a variety of other more creator-centric programs as well that will help expose and amplify your reach to our network of more than 6,000 creators in our community.

If you are interested on exploring, I’d love to set up a call or meet in person. I work out of the NY satellite offices.

Kind regards,


Hi Jenny – thank you so much for sharing these special family recipes – I’m looking forward to making the meatballs, the pork, biscotti and the cake, too! What great memories you have of your family! Thanks again –

Aileen Cooks

I discovered your website through your article on 100daysofrealfood.com and immediately read your first book cover to cover. So far, I have made your spaghetti and meatballs and fish cakes. They were both delicious, but I especially loved your fish cakes with the baked potato. My family was full and happy!
We also have a dinner at the table every night rule. My kids are young, but we still sit with them and all eat the same meal (or a version!). I’m looking forward to trying more recipes and following your blog.

Amy D

Can chicken sausage be substituted for pork sausage in “Baked Sausage with Apples, Potatoes, and Onions”? DALS p. 109?

Marilyn Giardini

Hello, your e-mail newsletter phone is not working. Please add me to your Email recipes newsletter. Thank you very much, MARILYN G.

Patrick Djerf

I loved your BA post about why you gave up your nightly cocktail! Maybe if I ever start having nightly cocktails, your post will inspire me to stop. I understand how a gin & tonic could taste very good after not having one for 5 days. That’s how I feel about chocolate milk sometimes. I haven’t had a gin and tonic ever before in my entire life, but I bet they’re incredible 😉 . I thought it was funny that you stopped liking the doctor’s clogs after she brought up Phoebe and Abby. I’m looking forward to going back home and having a kitchen I can actually use. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes!

Patrick Djerf

Rev Marva

Good evening. Enjoy reading your recipes however families are not the only ones who have to eat. Are there quick, tasty recipes for one, busy vegan/vegetarian person? I would appreciate some. May even purchase your books for gifts. In addition, having to remember another password just for your site is ridiculous. Sorry for the rant, but there are others who agree. Thank you!

Molly Fox

Hi Jenny —

I’m a newbie to your blog after discovering your “Weekday Vegetarians” and enjoying it so much – both the delicious, accessible recipes and your breezy amusing writing. Your weekly newsletter will be a welcome bright spot in my inbox.

Cheers! Molly F