California Dreaming

I’m sorry to say that today is my last post for Dinner: A Love Story. This is because I visited Pixar Studios yesterday (the whole family did, actually) and if you were me, and got to see where and how these people work, you would drop everything to figure out a way that you could become a Pixar employee right exactly now. So I’m outta here — blogs and books and readings and this crazy nice review be damned! There will be a lot more on why we were at Pixar later (it’s pretty cool) but for now, I’d just like you to take in the lobby of building, where, yes, we saw staffers on scooters, ate from the legendary free cereal bar  (“The idea is that we’re all just grown-up kids,” explained one staffer), and around every corner, ran into a familiar friendly face like Woody, Buzz, Mike, Sully, Remi, Merida, and Wall-E . We didn’t doubt they were real for one second. We never have, actually.

If you are in San Francisco this weekend, please stop by my reading at Omnivore Books at 3:00 on Saturday, July 28. I’d love to say hello.

Have a great weekend.

P.S. You know I’m kidding about quitting, right?

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looks great. but on the guide, because I know you’d want to know and because I’m an editor:

Aged Manchego – you MISSING WORD at least one with some bite



I do know that you’re kidding, of course. But while reading the first sentence, just for a second my blood ran cold. Big relief when I kept reading. No quitting!


Welcome to my city! Hope you love it (and the fog clears). Definitely check out the Exploratorium if you can, and the Academy of Science in GGPark (also just walk around the park, which has lots of playgrounds and open spaces for running around). I’m sure you’ll visit the Ferry Building and have a ton of restaurants to try … I personally love Nopa and Little Star pizza and Green Chili Kitchen (and Pies), all within walking distance in my ‘hood (Nopa/Western Addition). Mojo Coffee for, well, coffee and snacks and bike stuff. Have fun!


Just to add another rave review of the DALS cookbook to help keep you from the welcoming arms of Pixar! I have been savoring (pun intended) every page of the book, and cooking happily from it. I should add that I am a busy middle-aged professional woman with no children. I am the cook in the household, and while I don’t need the “tempt a picky toddler” parts of the book, I have to say that my husband’s very favorite dishes — the ones he always lays his fork down to say, “wow, this is great, let’s have this again” — are DALS dishes. Universal appeal? You’ve got it down!


You can’t break up with the interwebs. Even if you were at Pixar. Not matter how awesome that would be.

Also, DALS is saving my sanity at the moment. As I currently can’t obsess about dinner everyday at the moment (it’s just myself and the wee one until the hubs returns from deployment), I’m living vicariously through each chapter and post.

So, there. Don’t break up with us.


I almost never comment on blogs I read but I have to say – that line about quitting gave me a good jolt! I need you and your dinnertime genius. Of course, if Pixar was going to turn DALS into an awesome animated film… 🙂


I didn’t like you saying that you were going to quit but having been to Pixar myself (wife of a friend of my husband’s works there), I understand the overwhelming desire to drop everything and try to figure out how to work there. It’s amazing. *sigh*


if only i were in san francisco today! i’ll be in oakland tomorrow, camping in the hills with my foodie friends, reading your book, which just arrived yesterday, and which i’m loving so far. you’re more than welcome to join us for campfire cocktails, but i must warn you, we will be waxing poetic about japanese eggplant.


Oh dear! I gasped out loud upon reading the first sentence. Thinking, “Of course, something this good wasn’t going to last. Of course, she’s on to bigger, better things.” Whew! What a relief it was just a day trip and not truly a career change. LOVE the blog. OBSESSED with the book.


My best friend loaned me your book for the weekend. I can’t believe I hadn’t come across your book or blog before. Have I been living in a vacuum? Obviously! I love the book so much that I ordered it straight away, I will now start stalking the mailbox. I made the pork ragu last night, AMAZING! I will be raving about the book/ragu/blog when I get to work tomorrow. I hope you get some sales out of it. My little girl Lily loved your little girls’ book reviews, we ordered some of the Babysitters graphic novels too. I’ve added you to my Bookmarks Toolbar. LOVE your blog.