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Hi there. Just wanted to let you know we are working on a DALS recipe index so you will soon be able to search by ingredient, by season, by dish type and by mood (“I’m walking in the door at 6:00 and must eat at 6:30?” or “It’s Sunday and I have a whole glorious afternoon to cook!”) without having to slog through my sometimes un-searchable post titles to get there. In the meantime, please remember that there is a search field over on the right, above the “Categories” section. So if for some crazy reason you forgot that my all-purpose vinaigrette recipe was written up in a post titled “Happiness Is…” you will be able to locate the recipe if you just type in “vinaigrette.” Also, for those of you racking your brains at night trying to figure out how on earth you can hear from me as often as possible, please like DALS on facebook or sign up for my newsletter, which has been known to provide Sunday shopping lists for easy weeknight meals. Speaking of easy weeknight meals — check out the growing list of ace-in-the-hole dinners from readers and add your own. I’ll be starting to cook through them next week to see which one wins the $75 gift certificate to AllModern.com.

Happy weekend,

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Oh, thank you. Just the other day I was searching here for something, anything that might get my preschooler to eat the broccoli he so eagerly picked out at the market. Enjoyed reading all the posts that came up, but didn’t find a magic recipe and he ended up picking it out of his pasta.