Dinner: The Playbook is a Bestseller!

I should probably say that I am “deeply humbled” to announce this — but it’s more like I am freaking PSYCHED beyond beyond: Dinner: The Playbook comes in at #17 on next week’s New York Times Bestseller List. Big props to the whole village that made it possible: Jennie Tung, Sharon Propson, Gina Centrello, Elyse Cheney, Maggie Oberrender, Kristina DiMatteo, Carole Lowenstein, Evan Camfield, Richard Callison, Mark McGuire, Andy, Phoebe, Abby, Iris, Mom, Dad, Emily, Steve, and every single DALS reader who has ever cooked one of my recipes, shared one of my posts with a friend, tagged me on one of your ever expanding social media platforms, blogged about DALS, bought one of my books, commented on a post, sent me a personal note telling me exactly how you feel — you can’t imagine the gratitude. I could not have done it without you guys — thank you so much. Now get back to cooking.

{Check out Playbook at AmazonBarnes & NobleIndiebooks, or Ballantine.}

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Congrats! I can’t wait to get your book. I also love that you said you’re psyched over “deeply humbled”–I just listened to a podcast called A Way with Words where they discussed how saying you are humbled while accepting recognition for something rubs some people the wrong way. I don’t mind, but I’m glad you’re truly psyched!


Congratulations! Very well deserved! I read the whole thing from cover to cover the day it arrived – it is a great complement to the DALS cookbook and I am excited to use it.


Congratulations, Jenny! So well-deserved. I am a full-time physician and have two young kids (ages 6 and 3). Since having kids, dinner planning, which used to be the highlight of my day, has become the bane of my existence. Thus, I was thrilled to get your first book and can honestly say that I’m even more excited about your second. It’s truly a gem – to look at, to read, and, most importantly, to cook from. It has a sensible layout and an idiot-proof approach while producing palate-pleasing results. The quality of your work speaks for itself, and I, for one, am extremely grateful.


I bought this book last week, laughed my way through the introduction and have already made a couple of recipes. We absolutely loved the Grilled Chicken with Peanut Curry sauce with a side of Dilly Cucumber salad (added a teaspoon sugar to that recipe btw) but is was seriously SO good.
I was in such a dinner rut and this was exactly what I need – simple but good food.
Congrats on the success!


Amazing!! I read your every blog entry, but have never left a note. This news deserves congratulations so here I am to say CONGRATS!!


I’ve been reading it on my commute this past week and am pumped to go grocery shopping this weekend! Congrats!


Prep it yesterday, made it to tonight. It’s fantastic and easy. I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve used a rub on meat. Boo Hoo, no leftovers.


You are so deserving of this! I have followed your blog for years. We just got the playbook last week after I have been frustrated with dinnertime for years. This book has changed everything for me. Not only do I finally have a comprehensive plan of how to research and test meals, but we are having huge success. My 4 year old and 6 year old have eaten your playbook recipes 5 nights in a row. I am taking back dinner time and we are all eating real food again. I am so grateful.


Made the Maple Candy pork chops tonight with mashed potatoes (inspired by a post earlier this week? last week?) and green beans. Even better…had the potatoes and pork chops prepped before leaving for school/work, and hubby got it all started in oven and on stovetop before I got home–a first! Playbook has been a great kick-start inspiration. Thank YOU for sharing it with us.


What an accomplishment!! Can’t tell you how excited I was to see your essay in the latest Real Simple magazine. Especially after having a rough time trying to console my 12 year old about the hard realities of junior high! Everything you write is amazing and can’t wait to treat myself to your new book!


Congratulations! I know this is a dream for many, many writers. Well done. And keep up the good work!


i made the chicken with artichoke skillet recipe for dinner last night and it was awesome. i got home at 7:15 from spin class, and we were eating by 7:50. i made have spooned up that sauce like it was soup – it’s a little hazy in my memory…


Congrats Jenny, you and your book are very deserving of this rating!! Well done! Thanks for the continued inspiration,

Julie in CA


Congrats! I am a bookseller and DALS is one of my best “hand-sell”s.
I’ve been checking out the playbook and have one big question: WHERE ARE THE COCKTAILS?!


I just got the book – and I have dreamed of having a book like this. I made an additional chart for the weekly shopping list, and a chart that shows the week and if something needs to be done in the morning or on the weekend. So excited. THANK YOU!!!!


Do you have shopping lists already prepared for the 10 meal plans you recommend in your book?