Friday Round-up

What we’re eating and reading this week:

Broccoli Hoagie? Tell me more, please!

I know I’m late to the party here, but I love the idea of a Happiness Jar — especially as a project for the kids to take on.

Also in the category of “late to the party:” Reply All? Addicted.

Must-read of the week: “One Man’s Quest to Change the Way we Die.” And when I say MUST read, I mean, you are not invited back to this blog until you read it beginning to end. Probably the most inspiring story we will all hear all year long.

Pretty Pretty!

An easy healthy breakfast — with a cute kid-friendly name — for everyone in the house.

Hygge, aka, When something I’ve been doing my whole life becomes a trend worthy of a think piece in the New York Times.


Locals! Two notable restaurant updates: Boro6 Wine Bar has finally opened in Hastings (and it’s every bit as warm and inviting as the website promises; you’ll be hearing way more on this); And our beloved By the Way Bakery (remember Helene?) has opened a new branch in Greenwich.

Celebrating your family’s heritage when you are “Everything.” (An excerpt from my book on

My best self will have a pitcher of this in the refrigerator at all times this year.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The TV Series?

Every food trend of 2017 all in one place.

I applaud the concept behind “The Right to Disconnect,” but wondering if it will have any effect at all.

 What we’re having for Sunday Dinner this week: Yum.

Everything you need to know about the Women’s March in DC. (See you there!?)

Hoagie photo credit: Laura Murray for Bon Appetit

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I had originally planned to flee town during the inauguration (i live on capitol hill), but now i’m going to stand my ground; disconnect from the tv and all media surrounding the inauguration; enjoy some hygge time with my family, puppy and neighbors; and hit up the women’s march! See you there! adina


I’m helping to organize the group traveling from Memphis, TN for the Women’s March! See you there!!!

Sonya Terjanian

Thank you for the Women’s March shout-out! Excited to bring my kids (and sandwiches) as we make history.

Elizabeth Thomas

There is a wonderful interview with Mr. Miller and Krista Tippett from last year on the On Being podcast. Highly recommended!


welp, just opened every single link, so its safe to say my saturday morning cleaning is being pushed back another hour. THANK YOU!


Yep, best Friday round-up yet.
And I take your reading recommendations (and Andy’s) very seriously, so I read ‘One man’s quest’ from start to finish. It was a perfect reminder, at the start of a year, to ask ourselves ‘What do you want’ – and to use the answer to help us decide what to value, and what to let fall.