Guaranteed Crowdpleaser (For the Under-10 Set)

It’s a miracle if I bake something from scratch even once during the course of my child’s birthweek. And if I’m going to do it, it’s going to be Rosa’s Mud Cake for the actual birthday party. But for the classroom party? No chance. A few years ago I debuted this Dunkin Donut Cake at school and was actually embarrassed by how slap-it-together it was. But the kids went bonkers when I removed the foil and pretty soon I started getting emails from parents. Sean wants some donut cake for his birthday and told me to ask you? What’s this I hear about a donut cake? My friend Sue told me that your daughter had some cool cake in class? Erin told me to ask you about the munchkin cake. Do you know what she’s talking about? If so, can you pass along instructions?

Here they are — make sure you are paying close attention because it’s kinda complicated: Cover a concave platter with tissue paper. Stack three Dunkin donuts in the middle and shove your candles in the top one. (The top one should be festive with sprinkles.) Dump 75 assorted munchkins around the stack.

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We are big fans of this one too – after C’s nursery school teachers told us that they actually prefer getting donut holes for birthday celebrations. I’ve also done it on one of those chip & dip platters with the built in bowl for the dip.


this is brilliant! so much better than baking/frosting/transporting 2 dozen homemade cupcakes. and the kids don’t care either way!


Love that! Best mom ever. Of course, my picky little miss thang doesn’t even eat donuts. Or pizza. Seriously.


i want to go to there! is there anything more heavenly than a Munchkin? (OK, maybe a “Tim Bit” from Tim Horton’s.)


Ah! I wouldn’t have done this 3 weeks ago for my son. He would have thought I was the most amazing Mom ever! Instead, I ran to Stop N Shop on the way home from a late Monday out (rare occasion) and grabbed brownies (has to be store bought – not that I was baking at midnight). Next bday is Feb and I can’t wait to debut this beauty. Props!


I am happy to know that somewhere in the United States kids are still allowed to bring cakes, cupcakes, donut cakes, or some kind of a treat, to their classroom on their birthday. I taught for 5 years in Massachusetts and no food was ever allowed in the classroom — not even birthdays. Great to know not all is lost!


I read about this in Celebrate and am going to give it a go. My son’s class is small—do you think it would work with 2 stacked donuts? Also, what size platter do you use? Thanks!