Happy Fourth

We are taking a little vacation — where there will no doubt be Aunt Patty‘s flag cake* — but instead of allowing DALS to go dark, we thought we’d spend a week sifting through our old faves. We’ve written almost 500 posts since this thing started, and the weird thing about a blog is the way it sometimes feels, once a post falls off the home page, like it’s gone forever. Since there are a few new readers here since the book came out, and since we barely remember writing some of these posts ourselves, we’re going to dip into the archives and replay a few oldies. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Fourth.

Aunt Patty’s Flag Cake: On a cookie sheet or large platter, arrange thick slices of pound cake (we prefer Entenmann’s and you’ll need two of them) in a rectangular, sheet-cake size shape. (You do not need a sheet cake pan.) In a mixing bowl, whip 2 pints of heavy cream with a teaspoon vanilla extract and a teaspoon or two of powdered sugar until thick and creamy. Spread cream on top of pound cake. Design flag as shown with blueberries and strawberries or raspberries.

Update: We have cleared greatest hits from the home page to make room for original posts. 

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Sarah Griffith

I fully support your idea to recycle posts periodically. There are some great ones and it will be a great surprise if they pop up here and there. I have several posts added to favorites and if you happen to randomly re-post one, I’ll take it as a sign that it must be made TONIGHT. 😉


Hi Jenny,

Today is July 4th and my 8th wedding anniversary. When my husband asked me what I wanted to do today I replied “nothing.” I just didn’t want to plan another event, meal, or play date. (My boys are 6 and 5.) What I chose to do is curl up on the couch while my boys watch sports and finish your fantastic book. Thank you for such a wonderful day!!! My only decision now: what should I cook first?? Happy Independence Day!

erinn johnson

I have been making Ina’s flag cake for years now.

When my daughter was about 18 months old (she will be 11 in August) we saw Ina making it on her show. My daughter happened to be there and said that she wanted that cake as her next birthday cake. When it came time for her birthday we asked what she wanted as her birthday dessert (I am not a cake eater, so I leave it open to whatever sweet treat you would like) never thinking she would remember that she saw the flag cake 6 months earlier, but somehow she remembered and I have been making it for her every year since.


Made this when I went home to NY with the kids to celebrate the 4th! Best cake ever – no work, huge return on the investment. I now have a new family tradition for the 4th of July. Everyone loved it. I always wanted to make the classic flag cake but couldn’t manage slaving in the kitchen to make the cake and frosting – this takes care of it!