Lunch at the Beach: BLT Sliders

Why is it that if you put anything into slider form, it tastes better. I put a tray of these BLT sliders on the table for lunch at my sister’s beach house and they disappeared fast. Too fast. The person I actually invited for lunch at the beach only got one.

BLT Sliders (Like you really need a recipe?)

Assemble bacon (the best quality you can find), lettuce, and tomato on slider rolls. If you have a child like Abby in the house, be sure to assemble at least one BBB.) Spread Hellmann’s mayo on one bun. (Make at least two per person.) Serve with potato chips and,  if you are feeling ambitious, chilled avocado-cucmber soup.

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I’m not at the beach, but it feels like we should be at the beach today, and that might just be a good enough excuse to make these tonight.


Caitlin – totally. It wouldn’t hurt to add a slice of avocado in there either. In my mind, that elevates it from lunch at the beach to dinner at the table status. With not much more effort expended.


Whats a BBB? These look so good and think my girls would love them – I know the hubster and I would! 🙂


doesn’t everything taste better on a beach in the fresh air? thanks for the lovely distraction during my lunch break :-).


Actually, I would suggest adding basil mayo. (Mix mayo, handful of basil, salt, pepper and a splash of lemon… in a bowl or food processor). It totally transforms a blt!!


Carrie – That sounds good. Once I made “avocado-mayo,” just mashed the mayo and avocado together and added a little lemon. But I think I’m a purist when it comes to BLTs. I need to eat them exactly the way my mom used to make them. (With the exception of the bacon — which was always Oscar Mayer when I was a kid. Now it’s the good stuff from the smokehouse guy at the market.)