My How We’ve Grown!

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And if you are looking for a way to say Happy Birthday, a pre-order would definitely do the trick.

Have a good weekend.

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This made me laugh. Congratulations on your second birthday. I’d pre-order the book as a present, but I did that a few weeks ago already!


Love the growth chart! And of course, the blog, the stories, the recipes and on and on. Can’t wait for the book!! Happy birthday!


Did you actually ruin a door for this? And do you do the door growth chart for your kids?

Jennifer P

Just found your blog this morning (after being rudely awakened at 6 am – we apparently have a mouse and we definately have an uncoordinated dog that runs into things while chasing mice!!!) and it bightened up my day!! I especially love the “Clean Slate” blog from last year – I realized we see things much the same way.
I too (almost) always make dinner after working all day (as a social worker) and it is often what keeps me sane after spending the day dealing with the sad side of life.


The world is a MUCH better place with DALS in it. Thanks for working so hard to bring such entertainment and yumminess to my life!