Thanksgiving in a Box

In my tenure as a food writer, I’ve discovered that there are two kinds of cooks in this world: Those who love to do their own grocery shopping, and those who would rather confront a demogorgon monster in the slimy snake-infested Upside Down (‘sup Stranger Things fans) than spend their precious free time chatting with butchers and squeezing melons. Never is that divide more clear than this time of year, when holiday demands have us back and forth to the supermarket seemingly all season long. The good news for shop-o-thropes this Thanksgiving? Meal-kit service and longtime partner Martha & Marley Spoon has done the shopping (and planning) for you. Their Thanksgiving Feast box includes enough ingredients (plus recipes) to feed 8 to 10 people and is delivered directly to your front step, no list-writing, no parking issues, no fighting over the last beautiful Brussels sprouts stalk. If that is not enough to convince you, maybe the menu will:

-Brown Sugar Glazed Turkey with Pan Gravy (12-14lb from Goffle Road Free Range Poultry Farms)
-Classic Herbed Stuffing with Dried Cherries
-Creamy Mashed Potatoes
-Green Beans with Shallots and Lemon
-Roasted Root Vegetables with Brown Butter, Sage, and Almonds
-Spiced Apple Oat Crisp

They also offer a “Just the Sides” option — all of the above except the turkey. Whichever box you choose you’ll still be cooking the meal; you’ll still be making the house smell all warm and cozy; you’ll still be connecting in the kitchen with other cooks. But the think work is done for you. And even for a shopping lover like me, that sounds kinda nice.

Since I know you have questions, here are few notes about logistics: Those who order “The Complete Feast” will receive two boxes – one with the frozen turkey, and another with the sides and dessert ingredients. The “Just the Sides” will come in a single box. Boxes will come directly to your door the week before Thanksgiving. Exact date of delivery is based on zip code. Delivery options will be shown to you before completion of your order. Each turkey is between 12-14 lbs and will take two to three days to thaw in the refrigerator. (Once thawed, it will be fine to eat for seven days.) Last day to order is November 15, 12:00 ET.

Head over to their site for more details, plus pricing and ordering info.

And here is a delicious little teaser reel for you…

…Mashed potatoes made with cream cheese, aka “Big Martha’s Mashed Potatoes,” from Martha’s mom, which were apparently a huuuuge hit in last year’s kit.

…Stuffing made with whole wheat bread for a nuttier take on a classic…

…Green beans with lemon and (of course) fried shallots…

Sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and pearl onions…

…and an apple crisp that comes together in under an hour.

Remember: Deadline to order is November 15. Photo credit: Julia Gartland for Martha & Marley Spoon.

More Thanksgiving ideas all next week, so be sure to check back.

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I’m newly disappointed every time you post about Marley Spoon, because I always go to the website to sign up, only to find out they’re not delivering to my city (Kansas City) yet. Grrr.


Sarah – I’ve been in touch with the Marley Spoon people and they’re looking into this. My contact is pretty sure they’ve delivered to your city for a while now. Hang tight and I’ll keep you posted.


Hi Sarah, This is Jo, I am the PR Manager at Marley Spoon. Thank you so much for your interest in our meal kit, and I am so sorry that we don’t deliver to your area just yet. I have just spoken to our logistics team and they are working on making deliveries happen for Kansas City zips soon. All going well it is an area we will be able to reach sometime early in 2018.


Well, I must be a solid “former,” because, as gorgeous as this meal looks and sounds, the thought of someone else planning (nay, DICTATING) my Thanksgiving dinner makes me break out in a rash. Oh, how I love the list making of the holidays! On any other day of the year, though, I’ve heard great things about Marley Spoon. xox


My bad luck, i just saw this blog today and missed the order date by a day. Can’t wait to see what you have to offer for 2018 Thanksgiving.
“Mashed potatoes made with cream cheese, aka “Big Martha’s Mashed Potatoes,” from Martha’s mom, which were apparently a huuuuge hit in last year’s kit” – looks delicious.