Winter Inspiration

Here in the Northeast this time of year, under perpetually slate-gray winter skies, “market inspiration” can be a bit hard to come by. Feels like it’s all bagged salads and overpriced out-of-season raspberries in our house, as we countdown 33 days, 4 hours, and 17 minutes til spring. But you’d never know there was any inspiration issue over at Kitchen Repertoire — not in frigid February, or actually any time of year — where the roll-out of pot pies and vibrant salads and winter citrus each seem to come with a side of sunshine. The cooking blog is produced by Frances Boswell, a veteran food editor and writer (Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Cookie) who I’ve known since my magazine days, and Dana Gallagher, the photographer whose images are so light-filled and luminous, that, be warned, they might just blow up all your Pinterest pages. (When I was a food editor, it was always the most exciting thing to hear this from the art director: Dana Gallagher will be shooting your story.) The two of them don’t post all the time, but I feel the way about their work the way I once felt about Terrence Malick movies. He may take a long time between films, but when they finally come out, you’re like, um, HOLY F’ING MOLY.

It seems they’ve been back in action a whole lot more lately, though, and I asked them permission to run a little teaser so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about. (And hopefully keep them motivated to get us through the next few weeks.) In addition to that Salmon Teriyaki you’re looking at above, here’s a run-down of the KR recipes on my To-Cook List right now:

For Winter Entertaining: Beef Bourguignon.

For a Lazy Sunday Morning Breakfast
: Raspberry Jam Crepes with Powdered Sugar. (Frances and Dana went through something of a crepe craze last year if you feel like drilling deeper.)

For a Quick Weeknight Dinner:
Most people’s go-to freezer dinners are chili or a block of lasagna. Theirs? Merguez and with Caramelized Onions, Beans, and Parsnip Chips.

For Lunch
: Mung Bean Salad with butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, herbs and grated coconut. Falls under the Dreamy category — as in “I dream of the day my kids will eat this with me.”

For Cocktail Hour: Aperol Spritzes. Is the sun over the yardarm yet?

Gorgeous, right? You can also find Frances and Dana on instagram.

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I cried when Cookie went out of business…the day AFTER i renewed my subscription! i loved that recipe pictogram/loop/whatever you call it! Meanwhile, will put that beef bourguinon on my list!

Katie DeKoster

I just read that Friday was your last Providers column! Nooooooo! I so enjoyed every column. Your writing, recipes, and thoughts on parenting have impacted our whole family. Thank goodness for DALS 🙂

Sarah Young

What happened to the awesome feature where I could choose which parts of a post I want to print? Am I cuckoo? This used to be a thing, right?


Yes you can still print! Scroll all the way down to bottom of post, right under the “you may also like” boxes and you’ll see a green button that says “printer friendly.”


Ha, mother of a three-year-old here and I have a massive and ever-growing “Dreamy” recipes folder 🙂


” Feels like it’s all bagged salads and overpriced out-of-season raspberries in our house,” I cracked up when I read that. Same. Here!