Friday Eating & Reading

What I’m reading and eating this week:

Sunday night was grilled soy-glazed pork chops (above) from HTCE, and wow, they were as good as ever. We served them with grilled peaches (cooked in something similar to this) and a chopped, leaf-less salad.

If everyone ate beans instead of beef

I was cleaning out Abby’s shelves the other day to give away old books to parents with younger kids when I came upon The Hundred Dresses. I sat down and read it cover to cover (not super impressive considering it’s 1000 words long and easy enough for a second-grader) and decided it might be in the running for one of the most perfect childrens’ books ever written. (I know this is not new to anyone who has read our kids’ book coverage over the years.)

{Also in the things-I-just-can’t-throw-away category: The world’s most addictive memory game.}

I am digging this tiny house’s tiny kitchen.

Marzipan Blondies (and more)

I’ve been wanting to make this slab pie forever. (Thanks for the reminder @sarahcarey1)

Oldie but Goodie: 15-minute Funnel Cake

Enough sweets! Catherine’s “full board” grab-able solution to healthy weekend lunchin’ and snackin’.

RIP American treasure, Judith Jones.

Read of the week: Being overweight in a culture that pretends it cares only about health, not size.

Listen of the week: The value of “deep work” in an age of distraction

Think of the week: A Republican senator’s call to arms.

It’s that time of the year! Bon Appetit‘s Best New Restaurants in America List is out! How many have you been to?? (I can’t wait to go here when I’m in Charleston later this summer.)

{My 13-year-old, however, who just returned from Colorado, would like you to know that Eureka is her top pick for families traveling to Boulder.}

According to this IG post, everyone at the New York Times Book Review is reading this, which is probably saying something.

LOCALS! I have two free tickets to a Random House Reader’s Circle Live event at Barnes & Noble’s Concept store in Eastchester on Thursday, August 10 with Oprah’s Book Club Summer Selection and  Behold the Dreamers author Imbolo Mbue. Here are the details but to enter for a chance to win, comment anything below with the hashtag #behold.

If that beans-not-beef story is already a distant memory, these Miso-Tamari Burgers were A+++. (By the way: This month DALS readers get $30 off their first box from meal kit service/DALS partner Marley Spoon. Use code 30DINNERMS at checkout. Good until August 31, 2017)

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Good news! Details forthcoming, but arriving this fall: An audiobook version of Dinner: A Love Story.

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Great list of links today! That Tiny Kitchen is AMAZING!!!! And those Miso-Tamari burgers sound great.


Make sure you get to 187 Raw and Leon’s Oyster & Poultry when you are in Charleston. So so good, but you really can’t go wrong anywhere in Charleston. Enjoy!


The tiny kitchen is so pretty, but the house is on wheels! Won’t everything fall off the open shelving as soon as they drive it anywhere? Or maybe it’s a pretty stable ride.


That’s a beautiful tiny kitchen. I’ve gotten really hooked on watching Tiny House Hunters lately. I think that’s the nicest kitchen I’ve ever seen in a tiny house.


Thank you for the hard work you put into this blog. I love cooking and reading, so it is an amazing place to find both. I recently read a book that was extraordinary. “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” by Gail Honeyman. It is one of those books that just remains. I want to start rereading it immediately! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Nicole Fanelli

Hi Jenny! Side question as I am brainstorming for the weekend…what would your ideal beach picnic be? I need some tips! Thanks!!!

Treloar Tredennick

As a Boulder resident, I can’t wait to give Eureka! a try this weekend. Thank you to your daughter for her recommendation!


Love your Blog, recipes and reading suggestions. However Jeff Flake’s article reflects his OPINION. There are many eloquent conservative minds that you could have provided link’s, for example Dana Perino, Kimberly Guilfoyle.


Catherine – Thank you for your comment, though I’m not entirely sure I understand what you mean. Yes it’s Flake’s opinion, and in my view, an “eloquent” one. I am not pretending it’s anything but an opinion. If I linked to every eloquent op-ed, it would be an overwhelming round-up — What Flake was saying in that post (an excerpt from his book that I recommend highly) is resonant and important and I found it worthy of sharing during that particular week, last month.

Catherine McNulty

Jenny I was not suggesting you provide links to every eloquent op-ed.
I mentioned Dana Perino: Founder of Minute Mentoring, best selling author ,TV news contributor and the first Female Republican Press secretary
I also mentioned Kimberly Guilfoyle, another excellent role model .
DALS seems to make an attempt to present good role models and these women are just that.
( I highly recommend Kimberly’s book.)


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