Advanced Recipe Search Debuts!

I’m so happy to tell you that the Advanced Recipe Search is finally up and running. It’s not all there yet, but it’s definitely an improvement over what you were working with before. (Which would be nothing.) You’ll see that it’s exactly what you’ve been asking for — a straight list of every recipe to appear on DALS since March 2010, broken down by category.  This should come in handy when for some bizarre reason you forgot that the Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Mascarpone was called “The Six-Kid Crowdpleaser.” Or that the recipe for Sausages with Warm Mustardy Potatoes was called “Better on Vacation.” Sometimes you will still have to scroll to the very bottom of a very long wind-up to get to the actual recipe — sorry! — but I do hope that this feature will at least cut back on some of the search time when you are in a rush. Anything else I can do for you? (And don’t say alphabetize the list. I’m working on it.)

Eventually this feature will be listed on the top of the page along with Home/Favorites/About/Contact, but for now, just click on the photo of the Baked Sausage with Mustardy Potatoes in the sidebar — right below Fave Five, which I hope you are also enjoying.

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Beth S

I look forward to searching the archives for things MY picky eaters will like!
And…. “Do I win the feast?”


Awesome! [Although I recently memorized the titles from the posts of some of my favorite dishes! haha]

Do I win the feast?