Even when we were just-married in Brooklyn, with no idea that one huge bag of spinach shrinks down to two tiny portions (learned that the hard way), we loved having people over for dinner. We’ve figured out a few things since then and have written many posts about entertaining on the blog (and the book) these past few years — specifically entertaining with kids underfoot. Here are a few posts that might help you get up to speed on our philosophy.

Before you do anything: A Tip for Feeling In Control and 21 Rules of Entertaining

A Nice Cold-Weather Menu: Pappardelle with Pork Ragu (serve with Herby Greens and Fennel)

Another Nice Cold-Weather Menu: Braised Short Ribs (serve with Polenta)

A Nice Warm-Weather Menu: Grilled Leg of Lamb and Fava Bean Crostini

A Kick-ass Vegetarian (and Vegan and Gluten-free) Main Dish

A Kick-ass Gluten-free Menu: Sweet and Sticky Baked Chicken, Quinoa Salad

The First Fancy Dish We Learned to Make for Guests: Marcella’s Bolognese

A Project Dinner: Real-Deal Pad Thai

Self-serve Stovetop: Award-winning Chili  (Serve with cornbread and toppings)

A Formula for the Perfect No-fuss Starter Plate

Three Can’t-miss Starter Ideas: Casual GuacamoleA Family-Friendly Cheese Plate, Todd’s Minty-Pea Dip

Make-ahead Homemade Mac & Cheese

Can’t find what you need? Take a look at the complete DALS Archive.

Pork ragu over pappardelle — perfect for kids and grown-ups. Photo by Jennifer Causey. Above illustration by John Falter, from Good Housekeeping, August 1960.




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Gail JOhnston

HI! I had dinner with a friend last night and she told me I could find the recipe for the salmon salad (corn, potatoes….) here. I am having diffilcuty fidning it and I wish to repeat that yummy meal.