Over pork shoulder tacos one night, we told our daughters that we had an announcement to make. “Jeez, that sounds scary,” said Phoebe, as she held a massively overstuffed tortilla in front of her face. Little did she know. “Next week, we are going vegetarian,” we informed them. “Now: you guys are either with us or against us, and since… Read more »

As our kids head into their last week of school, teacher thank-you notes in tow, it got us thinking: What about our teachers in the kitchen? What about all the little voices that instruct us as we whip our cream, brown our chops… and overcook our dry-aged ribeyes? I’m not only talking about the Marcellas and the Julias and the Bittmans,… Read more »

There are so many great moments in Judd Apatow’s new book Sick in the Head, a collection of interviews the author has conducted over the past thirty years with pretty much every big-name comedian you can think of. You read that right, thirty years. Apatow, 47, and most well-known for directing and producing movies and series like Freaks and Geeks, Knocked Up,… Read more »

Month of Goodbyes

I can usually tell it’s June by all the sighing happening across social media. As in: “Final concert of elementary school. Sigh.” or “Last playgroup meeting of the year. Sigh.” or “Last game with this team. Sigh.” In a Facebook post about her son heading to middle school, my friend DeLauné didn’t bother with the sighing, instead going straight for… Read more »

The Letter: I get some version of this email all. the. time: Hi, Jenny.  Here’s my dilemma:  I am a full-time high school English teacher with a major meat-eater for a partner, a twelve year old who is STRICTLY vegetarian, and her twin brother who is a fickle eater who has just lost three pounds and whose doctor wants us… Read more »


Ever been to Franklin Barbecue? Neither have I! To be honest, it’s on my radar every time I go to Austin, but I don’t seriously entertain the idea of waiting on it’s legendary mile-long lines, even though I know the place is Mecca for Barbecue enthusiasts. I guess, file this one under “I’m too old.” I’m comforted by the idea… Read more »

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